Coaching Packages for Executives

For those executives who know what they need and who have experienced the benefits of effective coaching, we have crafted substantial, measurable and action-oriented coaching packages. These are designed to address aspirational as well as common pain points.

Our coaching packages are typically six-session engagements across a three-month period.

Our coaching packages in detail

Being Influential

Grow Your Influence

KII® Influence Assessment


Organisational Measures



Team Effectiveness

Strategy and Solutions

Execution and Evaluation

Relationship Effectiveness

Enhanced Relationships

C-IQ® Fundamentals

Career Effectiveness

Revitalised Mojo

Personal Branding

Barbara Moses Career Intelligence

Personal Effectiveness

Your purpose:
- business
- personal

Peak Performance and Flow Principles

The diagram shows the offer of coaching packages and their outcomes.

1. Being Influential

The Being Influential coaching package is the gateway to self-understanding and self-insight, and to developing career, personal, and relationship effectiveness.

The seven traits we coach on to achieve results are confidence, courage, commitment, passion, being empowering, trustworthiness, and likeability. These traits correlate with five key organisational measures, providing a powerful connection and relevance to the workplace.

Results: Track your positive progress against the KII® international benchmark of influence potential. Expect increased self-insight on how you “score” on the seven traits, and how you can use this awareness to create a pathway to effectiveness as a key business influencer.

2. Relationship Effectiveness

In our Relationship Effectiveness package, we co-create trust-based, deeper conversations with our executive clients that in turn add value to, build, and sustain their relationships with manager, colleagues and staff.

This executive coaching package is based on a cutting-edge, validated philosophy and set of tools, including Conversational Intelligence®.

Results: Expect enhanced relationships filled with possibilities, and grow a personal reputation for being the go-to person for seeing pathways that others don’t (yet) see.

3. Career Effectiveness

Executives are accountable for their careers, not the organisations they work for. Our Career Effectiveness coaching package is a rigorous, thought-provoking career management process. It delivers executives who are clear about their personal strengths and areas for growth as well as their achievements, reputation and preferred employer criteria.

Personal branding, as a platform for concerted action towards crafting an ideal role, is included in this package. Your personal brand is how you appear to the world, and is more profound than a digital footprint.

We have developed and adapted tools and techniques for our Career Effectiveness coaching package from a variety of sources, including Barbara Moses’ Career Intelligence smarts.

Results: Expect renewed confidence and mojo, underpinned by increased self-knowledge about how to manage perceptions. Realise and truly leverage from the value you have to offer, and discover how to obtain what you want and deserve in your career.

4. Personal Effectiveness

In our busy world with technology everywhere, executives can become “punch drunk” with all there is to do, and succumb to distraction. As a result, the “important” can all too readily take a back seat to the “urgent”. Our Personal Effectiveness package is designed for executives who need to get crystal clear about their personal and work purposes, and develop and use repeatable, consistent processes and habits that keep them in the “zone”.

Results: Expect to perform at your peak when it’s needed. Having determined your conditions for success, you’ll become an expert in energy balancing, with sustained outcomes in your business life and especially in self-leadership, thereby attracting further success.

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