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Snelgrove and Associates is an executive coaching company in Auckland, formed by Toni Snelgrove in 1998. Inspired and driven by a passion for exceeding clients’ expectations, the company assists executives and teams to identify, accelerate and leverage their potential.

Since its formation, Snelgrove and Associates has assisted a wide range of employees, managers, executives, and senior teams in commercial and not-for-profit organisations. The company works with executives who self-refer, and who are referred by their manager.

Toni Snelgrove has been bringing out the best in executives and workplace teams for almost 20 years. She continuously hones her skills, and employs the latest and most rigorous tools and techniques in her executive coaching, workshop, and facilitation services.

Whether you’re an executive wanting to grow your influence and advance your career, a senior team seeking optimal levels of performance, or an HR manager looking to remedy conflict between staff members, Snelgrove and Associates can facilitate a beneficial solution.


“Toni as an executive coach quickly earned my trust in my journey as an authentic senior leader with her understanding of the challenges I was facing, imparting and applying approaches that … continue to work for me time and again in being the best that I can be.”

– Brendan Podayko, Business Solutions Manager, CIO (acting), Coca-Cola Amatil (NZ) Ltd


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How we can help you

Snelgrove and Associates has a proven track record for achieving executive coaching results that deliver long-term benefits for their clients, helping them to grow professionally and personally. For example, their tailored coaching solutions help executives build confidence, influence, and performance levels in pressured roles. And Snelgrove and Associates’ customised workshops assist corporate teams to work better and increase their productivity and efficiency.


“Toni forms a strong bond with her clients and helped me during a challenging time in my life. Once you have met her, the reward speaks for itself. Toni will be an asset to any organisation she is associated with.”

– Simon Gibson, Director, Gibcol Solutions Ltd


Our executive coaching, workshop, and facilitation services

Snelgrove and Associates provides:

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Synergise the strengths of your organisation

One-on-One Coaching

Challenging conversations that help you grow


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