C-Suite Coaching

What is C-Suite Coaching?

C-suite coaching is designed for senior executives and leaders with a “C” in their title, for example CEO, CFO, CIO.

Our C-suite coaching service for individuals and teams is tailored to address the aspirations and pain points commonly experienced by senior management and executives. Our service leads to enhanced performance, influence, confidence, and wellbeing. We assure privacy and confidentiality for our clients.

Meeting the needs of senior management

Our experience is that top-level executives have particular needs relating to the scope of their role, their seniority, and the expectations on them to provide stewardship in their area of business.

Frequently, C-suite executives lack access to quality, accurate feedback and feed-forward, even with their organisations’ 180/360 degree surveys taken into account. Staff, especially inexperienced staff, can be reticent in providing written or face-to-face feedback and feed-forward.


“I used Toni on a couple matters when the organisation I was running was going through a lot of change which impacted key working relationships. She was always professional, impactful and had great proficiency as a coach.”

Steve Boomert, former CEO, Tower Health & Life Insurance


Our C-Suite coaching service gets results

We have developed a range of coaching packages to meet the needs of C-Suite executives. And our bespoke one-on-one coaching and high-performing teams services dovetail well with the C-suite offering. These services have the same focus on engagement, and deeper conversations, resulting in increased insight and responsibility for action.

We can provide executives with the names of reputable networking organisations. It is our experience that involvement in these organisations is enjoyable, and represents a good return on executives’ investment of time and money.

We also have great networks in key areas such as health and fitness, image (wardrobe), and executive search.


“As an executive coach Toni understands the challenges of senior positions and provides practical methods and valuable insight into how to develop and unlock potential, and further enhance or refine skills needed for success in demanding roles.”

– Celia Mearns, former CFO of Mitre10


Some of the aspirations we coach top-level executives in:

  • Becoming a board member
  • Being and becoming more influential
  • Truly accelerating and leveraging one’s potential
  • Balancing leading and doing (in today’s flatter organisations)
  • Effective presentation delivery (“public speaking”)
  • Getting the most out of your 180/360 survey results
  • Your personal brand

Some of the pain points we help C-suite executives with:

  • Resilience
  • Building in-house talent
  • Senior staff engagement
  • A flagging senior team, riddled with “pick me” behaviours and competitive instincts
  • Work and life integration and the expectation of 24/7 online availability
  • Role purpose – stewardship in the face of commercial realities
  • Wasted time and effort on business reporting; overuse of email and texting
  • Relationships with board members.


“Fletcher Challenge Forests have contracted the services of Toni Snelgrove, Snelgrove & Associates Ltd on numerous occasions to work with senior managers and high potential employees of the company … The coaching sessions undertaken by Toni have resulted in individuals developing a greater understanding of shortcomings and the awareness and training to address these issues. In turn the outcome and benefit to the company has been a higher standard of managerial skills and the individuals’ ability to achieve improved results in their area of the business.”

– Ian Boyd, former COO of Fletcher Challenge Forests


As a senior/C-suite executive, if you really want to invest in your own potential, get in touch with Toni and book a 30-minute consultation.