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Top Performance Means Self-accountability

Our top performance as a leader is the result of doing what we say we will do, 100% of the time.  Good leaders lead themselves first.  Doing what you say you’re going to do 100% of the time comes from a deep commitment to do your best every day.  It must be authentic and consistent.  Therefore, it’s not something that you can mandate in others and it happens.  When we get frustrated that others are not delivering, we need to look at our own hit rates first.   If we’re honest, some of us are really good at doing what
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Formula for Executives for Top Performance

I have worked with quite a few executives this year who say they are experiencing symptoms of stress and anxiety: unable to focus, tired before they start the work day, worried about what could happen.  Their mojo seems ‘lost’ and they are far from enjoying Top Performance. The trouble is ‘getting more done in less time with fewer resources’ is often seen as optimal productivity.  However, it also leads to cramming things in, quick transitions and being transactional which is great, if you’re a hamster.  For nearly a decade, I was paid to get as many 6-minute chargeable units as
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Why is Being Influential Important?

Being influential is the foundation of all leadership success. Developing one’s influence potential is the first step effective leaders take to create the shifts that are necessary in an organisation to sustain long-term performance and growth. In other words, leaders need to be influential first, then influence second. Defining “influence” and “being influential” Influence has traditionally been taught as the use of an external force as a means of getting what you want. In other words, you do something and that results in someone reacting in a certain way, changing a behaviour, or a belief. This makes sense if you
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